3 Creative Ways to Generate Leads With Instagram

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Interested in generating high-quality leads for your brand?

You’re probably using several social media platforms to reach out to a new audience and generate new leads. But have you tried gearing your Instagram marketing towards lead generation?

You may be using the platform to engage with an existing audience but with 500 million monthly active users, Instagram could be the ideal channel for drawing in new leads.

So how exactly do you entice new prospects and generate high-quality leads through Instagram?

Here are some of the most effective tips to help you out:

Tip #1: Target and retarget

User targeting is a huge part of social media advertising. It allows you to make the most of your advertising budget by enticing only those users who are likely to be interested in your products.

For Instagram ads, you can use Facebook pixel’s and lookalike audiences to target users with similar attributes as existing customers.


This feature lets you reach potential leads effectively through Instagram adverts, ensuring that your ads are seen by users who might be interested in what you have to offer.

But sometimes, you may need to further shortlist the types of users you’re targeting in order to increase the effectiveness of your campaign. In such cases, you can use retargeting to effectively market your brand and products to an audience that already shows a keen interest in what you have to offer.

The Facebook pixel further lets you improve the quality of leads by retargeting people for your Instagram ads. By creating custom audiences, you can retarget your ads toward people who visited your site, viewed your products, or abandoned their shopping carts.


With an effective retargeting strategy, natural health product supplier iHerb was able to use Instagram ads for turning cart abandoners and page visitors into converted leads. The company embedded the Facebook pixel on their website and webpages so they could retarget users who showed an interest in their products.

Using this feature, they displayed Instagram ads to users based on the products they had shown an interest in – whether they were only viewing the product page or they left the product abandoned in their shopping cart.


As a result of this retargeting campaign, the company managed to decrease their cost per purchase by 80% due to the high quality of leads. Their return-on-ad-spend increased 200 times among cart abandoners and 36 times among site visitors.

So you first display your Instagram ads among a target demographic that’s likely to be interested in your products or services. This is the first stage of the campaign. You then retarget the users who definitely showed an interest in your product by clicking on your ad and then viewed your products or even added some items to their cart.

Tip #2: Humanize your brand

Another effective tactic for generating leads through Instagram is by putting a human face on your brand. Consumers are tired of pushy sales messaging and in-your-face advertising. They want real interactions and genuine brand relationships. And Instagram gives you the power to do just this by adding a more personal and human touch to your interactions with followers.

When you humanize your brand, you can win the trust of potential customers and turn them into leads. You can also win the loyalty of existing customers and followers. So it’s a win-win in any case. Instead of solely posting about your products, use Instagram as a channel for building relationships with an audience.

Piebox regularly shares behind-the-scenes images of what’s going on inside their company. They update existing followers on what they’re up to and put a human touch to the entire Instagram account.


They even use Instagram to tell their brand story, which further helps them humanize the brand.

In the screenshot below, they shared a throwback picture with the #tbt hashtag and showcased what it used to be like when they made their products in the garage. You can see comments ranging from existing customers thanking them and potential customers enquiring about their products.


Whether you post funny puns and jokes or show some behind-the-scenes action in your production, aim for real and genuine interactions. You can even tell your brand story or take some time to appreciate the people behind your brand. Whatever you do, the goal is to let people know that there are real people behind your brand so that you can make your brand more approachable.

Tip #3: Tell real fan stories

You strengthen the authenticity of your brand when there are fans backing you up. And when real people are vouching for you, you have a better chance of building trust with a new audience.

So you eventually draw in this new audience and turn them into potential customers. You can use your Instagram account to tell real stories of existing customers and how your product or service made a difference in their lives.

Tom’s of Maine is an excellent example of a brand telling fan stories through Instagram. The brand regularly shares images of customers with a caption telling a short story about how Tom’s products helped them.


These fan stories effectively serve as a kind of advertisement with a more genuine and human touch. You’ll be sharing actual stories of people who have benefited from your product or service, so potential customers can see that you’re not just blowing your own horn with your ads.

Consider these Instagram fan stories as visual reviews combined with storytelling, which will help you attract leads.


There are plenty of ways you can use Instagram to attract high-quality leads; these are just three of them. So you have a fair idea about what to do in order to entice your target audience and draw them in towards making a purchase. You can retarget the audiences for your Instagram ads for high-quality, high-converting leads at minimal cost.

You can also put a human touch to your interactions with fans and tell true stories about how your customers have benefited from your product in order to build trust with a new audience. All these tactics eventually help you generate quality leads that have a high potential of becoming paying customers.

How are you using Instagram to generate leads? Share your experiences in the comments below.

Guest Author: Brandon Leibowitz is the founder of Get Plus Followers, a social media marketing agency in Los Angeles, California and Shralpin.com skateboarding news blog. He is featured on sites such as Social Media Today, Live Chat Blog, Simply Measured, Business2Community and other popular sites. Connect with Brandon on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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6 Unique Approaches to eCommerce Content Marketing That Will Make You Re-Think Your Strategy

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6 Unique Approaches to eCommerce Content Marketing

Ecommerce companies have undergone a revolution since the early days of online retailing. This revolution has happened from the grassroots as brands have realized the power of content marketing. By utilizing content marketing, retail brands can market themselves because the clients only engage with the content that is important.

Running an eCommerce website is no small feat. There is new competition every day, and the big sites that offer nearly the same products as you do are constantly on your territory trying to win your customers. However, smart eCommerce retailers have realized the secret to selling more; engaging more with clients. And how do they engage more with their clients? You can do it by applying eCommerce content marketing strategies.

What is eCommerce content marketing?

Simply put, this is creating, circulating and promoting your content. This content comes in various forms such as articles, blog posts, videos, and podcasts all with the objective of attracting, engaging, and keeping clients. For eCommerce success, content can become your best friend and raise your conversion rate more than triple its initial count. It is a way in which marketers can engage shoppers and learn of ways to better their performance and serve their customers.

content marketing for approaches to content marketing

Why does your brand need a content strategy?

As the popular saying goes, numbers don’t lie. Research findings time and again prove the power that content marketing has over traditional marketing practices. Here are a few facts from Demand Metric:

Content marketing produces nearly as much as three times as many actionable leads as traditional marketing.
Content marketing is 62% cheaper than conventional marketing.
82% of those surveyed said they form a better opinion of the company in question after reading/watching some custom content.
As much as 70% stated that they felt more connected to a brand as a result of good content.
As much as 70% of users said they preferred to learn about brands through content marketing rather than advertisements.

These figures are hard to ignore. It clearly shows that content marketing is superior to traditional marketing and as such, rakes in more money for a brand in the long-term. By following these tips, you will be able to create content that will help your business to grow.

1. Research is your friend

Market research is the cornerstone for any marketer. This is because market research helps a marketer gauge their audience and see what they like. As well as anticipate their needs.

Performing keyword research on multiple tools is also an established way to know what people are searching for and use that information to provide them with answers. Keyword research can assist you to know which questions search engines get frequently. If used properly, this can be your key to eCommerce content marketing success.

keyword research for approaches to content marketing

Once you find out what people like, you can then create content around the topics.

2. Use videos wherever possible

Video content is continuing to dominate eCommerce content marketing. This is largely attributed to millennials love for videos over traditional methods of marketing.

What makes video so great is the potential to personalize it while still getting the message across to your audience. A recent survey has shown that 74% of millennials prefer YouTube over traditional television. This makes them a direct target for videos created by brands, institutions or companies.

Videos are also attractive because they are very relatable. If it is a review video, the potential customer gets to see the products at work and if they are impressed, you can definitely count it as a win.

3. Use list based content

use lisy based content for approaches to content marketing

Ever since people started creating content for marketing, list-based content has been a favorite for many people. List-based content is great because it’s easy to understand and is also great for sharing. It also has its advantages for an eCommerce retailer who isn’t so good at writing. When you choose a good topic, creating the content is as simple as ever.

4. Answer your FAQs in a creative way

Every eCommerce website has an FAQ section where the brand seeks to answer many of the questions that are frequently asked either by customers or potential ones. Since most people that have questions, come to this page, it is imperative that you get a witty creative way to spice up your answers a little bit.

Since FAQs are so important, you shouldn’t be afraid to go a little off-book with them. Make your answers as awesome and relatable as possible. This not only helps in catching and retaining a client’s attention, it also helps in terms of ranking in search engines.

FAQS in a creative way for approaches to content marketing

5. Partner written content with great photos

When anyone wants to buy anything from an online shop, they first look at the pictures provided by the retailer. If the pictures don’t have good content, then you can be guaranteed that the client will not buy the product.

Pictures speak a thousand words. This is why brands should always strive to use great photos with any of their content. Whether it is in articles, blog posts, or on social media, make sure that the pictures you use are the best you can find.

6. Create one-of-a-kind buyer guides

This has recently become one of the most popular types of eCommerce content marketing. Buyers want as much information on a product before they purchase it. As such, creating content for such products to help the buyer decide on which product to buy can be a great way to market yourself.

Reviews have shown that potential customers like content that compares and contrasts two products of the same class. These ratings make it easier for a potential client to reach a decision regarding a certain product. Not only does this help you generate more leads, the comments and questions left on the content also help the retailer rank better on search engines.


Ecommerce retailers have a lot of possibilities with respect to content marketing. When you are creating content to market your products, you should always know the demographic you’re targeting, the buyer’s persona and how they have engaged with such content previously.

By creating great content for your eCommerce site, you are able to build a relationship of trust and reliability with your audience and influencers. When you utilize these methods outlined above, you will not only drive traffic to your website but also increase your conversions.

Guest author: Jaymin Dangi is a digital marketing expert, social media enthusiast and co-founder of UPLARN.com. As a proficiency in online marketing, he is closely working with local as well internationalized domains in the field of technology, eCommerce, gadgets, apps, etc. He believes in sharing things over the internet.

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How To Grow an Email List With Subscribers Who Are Willing To Pay for Your Services

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How To Attract Email List Subscribers Who’re Willing To Pay for Your Services

Money is in the list – you’ve read this a million times.

And it’s true.

Email list subscribers are the biggest asset for any blog or online business. They’re your qualified sales leads. It’s much easier to build relationships, generate regular returning traffic and make repeat sales to your list subscribers as compared to normal visitors. It is a high priority to know how to grow an email list.

Despite the emergence of social media and other marketing channels, email marketing is still an extremely effective way of reaching your prospects.

Just look at some of these stats

66% of online consumers in the US, ages 15+, made a purchase as a result of marketing emails.
91% of consumers check their emails at least once a day.
Over 70% of mobile purchasing decisions are influenced by promotional emails.

So how do you take advantage of this?

If your answer is email list building, you’re only partially correct.

Why list building is useless

List building itself has no value for your business. It is the kind of subscribers in your list that’ll determine if you can make any profits. An email list with irrelevant and uninterested subscribers is completely useless, in fact a burden, for your business.

And this is the mistake that many bloggers make.

They focus so much on list building that they lose sight of their actual objective, which is to make money from the list.

You don’t want people subscribing to your list just for the sake of it. You need subscribers who are potential customers. People who join your list with the buying intention. They are the ones you need to attract, and they’ll make your email list a real business asset.

Don’t forget mobile email

As mobile and smartphone adoption has increased so has it’s importance to deliver email. Making sure that emails are easy to read on a mobile is becoming vital.

Here are some facts about mobile email from an excerpt from an infographic from Visual.ly.

how to build an email list

Some interesting email facts

Email is a technology that has been with us for over 44 years. The first email was sent in 1971 but the concept was explored at MIT as early as 1965 which is 50 years ago!

Here are some other email facts in another excerpt from an infographic at sociallystacked.com.

how to grow an email list

So they are some interesting facts but where do you start to build that quality list?

Create the Right freebie for the Right subscribers

The most common way to attract subscribers is by offering a freebie like an eBook, a checklist, a cheat sheet or something else that holds value.

To attract the right subscribers, the ones who come with a buying intention, you need to create a freebie that actually inducts them into your sales process.

Don’t treat your freebie as just a list building magnet. Make it the first part of your sales cycle. Use it to qualify subscribers and generate business leads.

For this, you need to design your freebie intelligently because it will determine the kind of subscribers you attract.

Use your freebie as a sample of your paid offer

I’ve seen travel bloggers offer SEO eBooks as giveaways. It increases their subscriber count, but adds no value to their business. Because their subscribers are irrelevant and have no interest in the actual paid offers.

The secret to attracting potential customers, not just subscribers, to your email list is to give them a taste of your paid offer. Lure them into your list by offering a limited version of your premium services and then work on them using a series of auto-responder emails.

For example, if you’re offering SEO and link building services, you can create a freebie that demonstrates your authority and expertise in link building, and at the same time get your potential customers interested in it.

It can be an eBook like “10 Link Building Mistakes That 90% Blogs Make” or a checklist “SEO Checklist: 25 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Publishing Your Next Guest Post”.

Both these freebies are actually samples of your paid services. Your ideal customers want to know about them. But instead of giving them everything for free, give them a taste of what you have to offer. Just make them think. This will establish your authority on the subject and immediately get your subscribers interested in your paid services.

Neil Patel does this in a number of ways on his blog. His primary services are SEO, link building, traffic generation and online branding. See how his freebies are actually advertisements of his paid services.

How To Attract Email List Subscribers Who’re Willing To Pay for Your Services 1

Here’s the other freebie he offers – a free SEO analysis of your website.

How To Attract Email List Subscribers Who’re Willing To Pay for Your Services 2

When you enter your website/blog here, Neil’s tool gives you a detailed SWOT analysis of your website’s SEO strength. It immediately gets the subscribers interested in his services because of the detail in which the report analyzes their website.

So the subscribers he gets are no freebie hunters, they’re potential customers who’re convinced he can help them grow.

There are a number of ways you can implement this to your business.

If you’re a freelance copywriter for small business websites, you can create a free content audit checklist as an incentive for visitors to sign up for your email list.
If you’re selling an eBook, you can offer the first chapter or a summary of the book for free.
If your product is a premium online course, your freebie can be a blueprint that gives high level information about the course.
If your services are web development and SEO, you can offer a free website audit.

In all these examples, notice how the freebie is actually an invitation towards the paid product/service. People subscribing to your email list already know that you’re going to sell them stuff. They are no freebie hunters, they already have the buying intention.

Converting subscribers into customers

Once you have the right people subscribing to your email list, more than half of your job is already completed. Your subscribers have the buying intention and, hopefully, after seeing your freebie, they know you are an expert and have real value to offer. Your only challenge now is to convert this buying intention into real sales.

In my experience, you need two key components to trigger this action.

An intelligent auto responder sequence
A simple and convenient buying process

1. Setting up the auto-responder sequence

Once you have the subscriber on board, a series of automated emails should be sent to him, aimed at nurturing the lead and triggering the sales action. The key here is to create a combination of engaging, convincing and direct sales emails.

Here’s the typical combination I use.

1) The Congratulatory Email – Telling the subscriber what a great decision he has made to download my freebie and get on the list. This email is about building confidence and establishing trust.

2)  The Story Email – This email relates the story of a previous customer who had the same problem that your subscriber has (for example poor copy, poor SEO, no customers, low conversions etc.) and what he did to overcome it (your product/service as the solution). Be sure to add a link to your sales landing page at the end of the email.

3) The Sales Email – This email also relates a story with your product/service as the solution. But this time the tone is more direct and to the point. The link to your landing page is accompanied by a limited time discount offer.

4) The Warning Email – In this email you tell the subscriber what he’ll miss by not purchasing your product. Again, you relate a story where a previous subscriber got on board and got blown away by the results of your product/service. At the end of the email you add a 24 hour deadline before your offer goes down.

5) The Final Call – This email is a small reminder that your offer is going down in 5 hours. Again, the link to your landing page is accompanied by a special discount offer.

You can use paid auto-responder services like MailChimp and AWeber to configure this sequence. In MailChimp the auto-responder feature is for paid members only and the subscriber limit is 2000. AWeber, on the other hand, is a completely paid service. You can go for a free auto responder like SendinBlue which has almost the same features. Its free version gives you up to 9000 emails per month, which should be enough for most bloggers. You can read more about configuring it in this post.

2. A simplified buying process

Almost 68% of online shoppers abandon product purchases just because of a poor buying experience. So you need to make the buying process as simple as possible.

To be precise, your product’s checkout phase should

Be optimized for mobiles/smartphones/tablets

Be secure and credible
Involve minimum redirections.
Offer as many payment options as possible

I’ve personally had an excellent experience with Selz, an easy to use digital selling tool. It covers all the points I’ve mentioned above and is particularly useful for bloggers and freelancers selling digital products. It is mobile responsive, involves no redirections during the checkout phase, and allows you to accept payments with Master Card, Credit Card and PayPal.

Note: Here’s a useful comparison of some of the popular digital selling and ecommerce tools that can used to provide a convenient buying experience.

Wrapping it up

Let me summarize the main takeaways from this post.

Building an email list is one of the first steps in building an online business.
To create an email list that is truly valuable for your business and attracts potential buyers (not just subscribers), you need to create a free giveaway that is a sample of your paid products/services.
Once you have the right subscribers, you can convert them into paying customers with intelligent auto-responder sequences and by providing a convenient buying experience.

Do you invest time and efforts in building email lists for product launches? What do you think is the best way to build a subscriber base that is willing to purchase your products?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Guest author: Jawad Khan is a certified inbound marketer, a freelance blogger and marketing consultant. He helps digital marketing agencies, small businesses and entrepreneurs build their online presence and brand image. Connect with him on his blog,Writing My Destiny and Google+

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